The Byrds – “All I Really Want To Do” – 8/12/65

Lip synched performance from the band’s only TV appearance in Great Britain; “Top Of The…”.

The TV debut of David Crosby’s cape!!

Note how the host spells out their name: B-Y-R-D-S.

This was to avoid confusion with Ronnie Wood’s band, “The Birds”, who were starting to make noise around town.

As soon as they got there, The Byrds all got sick; taking them into a “Proper climate” especially affected Chris Hillman, who had to be shot full of vitamins and penicilin just to make the broadcast!!

Note Gene Clark grinning ear to ear; this is rare, but he just spent the previous night hanging w/Paul McCartney. πŸ™‚

Michael Clarke was out club hopping w/Brian Jones & John Entwhistle.

The U.K. tour pretty much bombed; bad sound, their weakness as a live act, and the “Anti-stage presence” that they were known for just didn’t fly with the Brits.

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