The Very Best of Deep Purple (Full Album)


1.Hush (0:00)

2.Kentucky Woman (Single version) (4:27)

3.Black Night (8:40)

4.Speed King (U.S Album Version) (12:08)

5.Child in Time (16:30)

6.Strange Kind of Woman (26:51)

7.Fireball (30:53)

8.Demon’s Eye (34:18)

9.Highway Star (39:38)

10.Smoke on the Water (45:48)

11.Space Truckin’ (51:29)

12.Woman from Tokyo (56:03)

13.Burn (1:01:53)

14.Stormbringer (1:07:54)

15.Knocking At Your Backdoor (1:12:03).

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