Best Punk Rock Compilation Ever 3 (Only Classics)

Punk Rock (1977- 1980)


Only the best of Punk Rock during the 70’s, however, the list is small compared to all the songs I thought to add. I also added some Mods and Power Pop songs that, in my opinion, were brutally underestimated. In addition, from this list I have added some of the best songs with female vocalists who contributed to the punk movement.

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1. Easy- The Beez(1979) 0:00
2. You’re To Blame- The Cybermen(1978) 2:51
3. Eddie’s New Shoes- Blitz Boys(1980) 5:46
4. Animal World- Last Words(1978) 8:14
5. One Chord Wonders- The Adverts(1978) 10:56
6. Runnin Riot(EP)- Cock Sparrer(1977) 13:45
7. True Detective- The Accident(1979) 17:16
8. I’m on Heat- The Lurkers(1978) 19:55
9. Next Time I’ll Beat Björn Borg- Rude Kids(1978) 22:26
10. GLC- Menace(1978) 26:20
11. I Never Thought I’d Find Someone Who Could Be So Kind- The Manikins(1978) 28:38
12. Lost Love- The Carpettes(1977) 31:46
13. First Time- The Boys(1978) 35:05
14. Television screen- The Radiators From Space(1977) 37:29
15. Best Thing I Ever Did- The Invaders(1979) 41:05
16. Now It’s Gone- The Chords(1979) 44:25
17. Murder City Nights- Radio Birdman(1977) 49:30
18. Nicotine Stain- Siouxsie And The Banshees(1978) 51:53
19. Last Rockers- Vice Squad(1980) 54:55
20. Drab City- The Features(1978) 59:08
21. Lust For Glory- Angelic Upstarts(1981) 1:01:21
22. Red Rubber Ball- The Diodes(1979) 1:03:57
23. All Kindsa Girls- The Real Kids(1977) 1:06:33
24. I 2 X U- Wire(1977) 1:10:11
25. Teenage Lobotomy- Ramones(1977) 1:12:07
26. White Nigger(EP)- The Avengers(1978) 1:14:08
27. Party In Paris(EP)- UK Subs(1980) 1:17:34
28. I can’t cope- Protex(1979) 1:20:29
29. Emergency- 999(1977) 1:23:05
30. Genetic Engineering- X-Ray Spex(1978) 1:25:49

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