Bob Dylan – Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anyone Seen My Love)

In 1985, Bob Dylan released his twenty-third studio album, Empire Burlesque – watch the official music video of ‘Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anyone Seen My Love)’ now.
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Well, I had to move fast
And I couldn’t with you around my neck
I said I’d send for you and I did
What did you expect?

My hands are sweating
And we haven’t even started yet
I’ll go along with the charade
Until I can think my way out

Bob Dylan is a rare artist that has managed to transcend genre to become a universally praised songwriter, performer and musician of the 20th- and 21st-centuries. Starting out as a chronicler of social issues in the 1960s, Dylan has had true staying power with thirty-two studio albums released in 53 years – the most recent of which is 2015’s critically acclaimed Shadows in the Night.


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