Great Perfomances of Rock Ballads Singers in The Voice

We started another video with romantic songs, like the channel and more geared towards the rock genre, in this video we have several striking ballads, being interpreted by great artists coming from various places of the world that have appeared in The Voice and that interpreted great classics of bands such as Heart, Bon Jovi, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Scorpions, Aerosmith, among other bands, check out these great perfomances below and tell us what you think.

Below the information of the artists
Tammy Browne – Alone (The Voice of Ireland)
Alexander Chehutsky – Still Loving You (The Voice Ukraine)
Flo – Angie (The Voice France)
Junji Arias – I’ll Be There For You (The Voice Philippines)
Lakyn Heperi – Kids (The Voice Australia)
Jimmy Weston – Desperado (The Voice UK)
Stephen Hudson – Heart of Gold (The Voice of Ireland)
Anton Yakubovsky – Crying (The Voice Ukraine)

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