Slow Blues Backing Track in C – Hendrix Style

Today I want to pay tribute to guitar hero JIMI HENDRIX with this slow Blues jam track in C! Extended intro jam
Available for download on Into The Blues, Vol. 2 Play-along starts 1:00 More slow blues jams
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Hendrix style tone (Jam)

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Jam on ‘Into The Blues’ (full jam album)

Download ‘Into The Blues’

Chord progression:

II: C7 I F7 I C7 I C7 I
II: F7 I F7 I C7 I C7 I
II: G7 I F7 I C7 I C7 G7 :II

Suggested scales:

C minor pentatonic scale – C Eb F G Bb (C)

C major pentatonic scale – C D E G A (C)

C mixolydian mode – C D E F G A Bb (C)

C dorian mode – C D Eb F G A Bb (C)

C major scale – C D E F G A B (C)

Knowing the arpeggios will be really handy too…

C7 – C E G Bb
F7 – F A C Eb
G7 – G B D F

Have fun!


Intro played on a 1977 Fender Stratocaster (Lefty)

Pedals =

Jimi Hendrix Wah by Dunlop
Euphoria by Wampler
Timeline delay by Strymon


Fancy a challenge?

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B.B. King style jam track

Albert King (and SRV) style jam track


Check out videos from my coming instrumental album TRIGGER:

And grab a free download on Soundcloud:


I hope you’ll have tons of fun with this one..

Happy jamming!!


TAB & Notation


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