Highway to Rio (1947) FULL MOVIE. Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour,

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Two out-of-work musicians, journey all around the United States looking for work and steer clear of women. After working from state to state, every time working away due to a woman and bother, they struggle their luck in Louisiana.

They then stow away on board a Rio-bound ship, after by accident beginning some fires at a circus. They then get combined up with the distraught Lucia, who first thanks them, then unexpectedly turns them over to the ship’s captain. Unbeknownst to each of them, Lucia is being hypnotized by her crooked guardian, Catherine Vail. Vail plans to marry Lucia to her brother so she will management her and a set of “papers.”

After a sequence of misadventures. together with sneaking off the boat, recruiting a couple of native musicians, and the boys attempting to flee with Lucia solely to have Vail hypnotize her once more and slap them each, Vail decides to get rid of the boys completely. She hypnotizes each of them and tries to get them to kill one another in a duel, but it surely fails. Scat and Sizzling Lips lastly determine issues out and the boys head for the ceremony to be able to cease the marriage and to assist catch the crooks. Upon discovering the “papers”, which Scat reads, when Sizzling Lips asks what they’re about, Scat tears them up and appears into the digicam, saying, “The world mustn’t ever know.”


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