Hüsker Dü – Zen Arcade (Private Remaster UPGRADE) – 12 What’s Going On

Many year ago I uploaded this remaster to YouTube, it was the first time I shared it with anyone, and thankfully over the years it’s garnered some positivity.

It was before HD uploads really took off and my original files are now only playing back with substandard audio quality (yes, I know it’s YouTube, hardly the place to share audiophile quality sound!) so I decided to create new HD files in the hope that these will before a nice upgrade over the original uploads! Oh, and back then I had to split “Reoccurring Dreams” into two videos due to time limits, thankfully now those limits are lifted!

This is one of my oldest private remaster projects, along with “You’re Living All Over Me” by Dinosaur Jr. Both were originally released on CD by SST, and both had sub-standard audio quality. Hüsker Dü’s back catalogue remains, for the most part, untouched in the realms of reissues and remasters. Many fans would love to see a sympathetic remastering and repackaging program of Hüsker’s music, I know I would!

Here’s what Bob Mould said during an interview with Faster Louder in March 2013:
Interviewer: “Is a remaster of Hüsker Dü albums physically possible? And is it something you’ve given any thought to whatsoever? There seems to be a lot of fan demand.”

Bob Mould: “I haven’t given it any thought personally, mostly because the logistics of it would be, wow … Firstly, where are the masters? Second, who owns the masters? Third, who’s going to master them? Fourth, who would agree to give up rights so they can all go together? Nobody ever signed any contracts, in an ideal world everyone would agree, and that would be great but … I haven’t given it that much thought. If it’s going to happen someday, I’m sure it would be a perfect storm, where everything just lines up all at once. But yeah I don’t push it, I don’t think about it. As I said before, I’m pretty busy these days, and keeping track of everything is a challenge.”

Seems we may never see it happen…

Anyhow, he we go, my private remaster, re-uploaded with hopefully improved YouTube audio quality! Please remember to enjoy, and support your favourite musicians by purchasing their music!


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