Let’s Rock N’ Roll & Boogie & Woogie & Swing Mix Part 1 – Dimitris Lesini Greece

Twisters – Thick Or Thin
Kid Andersen – I Really Love My Monkey
Guy Forsyth Band – Evil Man
Johnny Nicholas – Boogie Back To Texas
Monaco Bluesband – Sneakin’ Out The Back Door
Giants – Highway Fever
Paladins – Powershake
Matt O’Ree & The Blues Hounds – Jump Up And Run
Blues Wire & International Blues Duo – Stomach Ache
Kara Maguire – Drive Me Crazy
Bar Kings Ft. Dave Tice, ‘DR’ Don Hopkins – Treat Me Right (So Mean)
Bert Weadon – Guitar Boogie Shuffle
Big Dez – Shake Your Money Maker
44’S – Boogie Disease
Blues Gang – Good Old Time Rockin’ R&B
Hoax – Don’t Let Me Cry
Magic Slim – Magic Boogie
Big Ed Sullivan – Black Cat Woman
Kenny ‘Blues Boss’ Wayne – Boogie Woogie Mama
Banana Peel Bluesband – Bad Blood
H-Town Jukes – Chippy Swing!!
Knocksville – Baby Stop!!
Rockbottom James And The Detonators – Love So Much
44’S – Going To The Church
Pappa Joe Grappa – Damn Big SUV
Lightnin’ Willie & The Poorboys – Look What Love Can Do!!
Big Ed Sullivan – Rock A Bye Babe
Monaco Bluesband – Come Back
Rylo – Shake It Round The Middle
Aaron Williams & The Hoodoo – Drinking Blues
Pappo’s Blues – P.B.A Boogie
George Thorogood – Mama Talk To Your Daughter
Burnsville Band – Mississippi Mud
Monaco Blues Band – 2-Step Boogie
Alan Wright – Alan Wright’s Boogie
Charlie Musselwhite – Leaving Blues
Kid Andersen – Stompin’ Wit The Kid
Robin Sylar – Bust Out
Ryan McGarvey – Texas Special
Gutbuckets – Mojo Working
Terry Davidson And The Gears – Rat Rod
Lightnin’ Willie & The Poorboys – Sidewalkin’
Mark Hummel – Georgia Slop
Higway 414 – Bungalo Boogie
Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts – No Worries
Tom Principato – One For Danny
Big Ed Sullivan – The Doctor Is In!!
Mojo Blues Band – You Done A Number On Me
Gary Primich – Fast Money
Fabulous Thunderbirds – Look At That, Look At That
Guitar Johnny & Rhythm Rockers with Ronnie Earl – Good Rocking Mama
Gary Primich – Daddy, Let Me Hitch A Ride
Blueskings – One Day!!
Fabulous Thunderbirds – I Believe I’m In Love
Neal Black & The Healers – Pink Chainsaw Boogie

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Styles of Rock Music

Here is a short summary of all Metal types I know
Have Fun with it 🙂
Btw “Trash Metal” is wrong written, its “Thrash Metal” sorry for that.

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Best Of Classic Rock Playlist – Best Greatest Classic Rock Songs The 70’s 80’s 90’s Great Bands

Best Of Classic Rock Playlist – Best Greatest Classic Rock Songs The 70’s 80’s 90’s Great Bands
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00:00:00 Extreme Music – Bring Me Back To Life
00:03:29 Generdyn ft. Zayde Wolf – Heroes
00:07:07 J2 & Chroma Music – Heroes Will Rise
00:09:50 Kári Sigurðsson – Beyond the Horizon
00:13:27 J2 & Chroma Music – Immortal
00:16:18 Extreme Music – Fight
00:20:21 Really Slow Motion – Battlefield (Christian Baczyk Ft. Dreamhour)
00:22:42 Really Slow Motion – The Wild Card
00:25:11 Extreme Music – Revolution
00:28:04 J2 – Sound of Silence (Ft. Johnny & Justin Coppolino)
00:32:55 Position Music – Outlaw (Blue Stahli)
00:35:08 The Spiritual Machines – Couldn’t Stop Caring
00:38:19 Position Music – Time Is Now
00:41:19 Kari Sigurdsson – Desolate World
00:46:00 Extreme Music – Invincible
00:51:45 The Spiritual Machines – You Are The Warning
00:54:24 Xtortion Audio – K.I.L.L
00:56:36 The Spiritual Machines – A Simple Plan
01:00:00 The Spiritual Machines – Aching To Live

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Image: Battlefield Game Wallpaper
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Bob Seger – The Old Time Rock n’ Roll –

If you’re in the mood for an old-fashioned knock-your-socks-off rock and roll song, this is it! Lyrics included.

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English Rock Song 2016 | The Lonely Girl | Rain Drops | Ayon Chaklader | Band – Ayon & Friends

Song : The Lonely Girl / Rain Drops
Original Lyric ( In Bangla ) : Alif Ahsan Bipu
English Translation, Singing, Tune & Music Composition : Ayon Chaklader
( There’s no original/acoustic instrument used in this song, all the instruments used in this song are virtual, I believe good music can be produced with virtual instruments.. )

Lyric ( Original By Alif Ahsan Bipu In Bangla, Translated By Ayon Chaklader )

Rain drops
Fall down
As if the window grill
Melts down . .

Long black haired
Lonely Girl
Sees the falling rain
From a corner

Her lonely life
Her lonely heart
Will u be the one to make a fresh start ?
Can u win the Everest ?
Can u win a big war ?
With one touch on her fingers can u comfort her ?

In the tears of her Black eyes
The light of the evening sun shines
Will you be the one to make her tears go away
Will u stand in front of her near the window ?

Hey stranger !
Will u hold her hand ?
Will u be beside her in her hard times ?
Will u be someone she can call her own & make all her dreams come true ?

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