Rock ‘n’ Roll Medley – Bluemoose HD

This is Bluemoose, a cover and wedding band from Ireland, performing a Rock ‘n’ Roll medley in a live band setup, recorded in Grouse Lodge Recording Studios.
We often get requests from couples and venues looking to book Bluemoose, that for one reason or another can’t attend one of our gigs or showcases. For this reason we have produced a selection of videos that we feel are a true representation of what Bluemoose do live. No studio trickery, autotune etc. This is simply Bluemoose playing live, but in a studio and professionally recorded. This one is one of our wedding medleys, featuring five classic rock ‘n’ roll songs to keep your guests on the floor.
Special thanks to……
Video – Kerbute Productions
Engineer – John Henry with assistance from Sean @ Grouse Lodge
Mixing – Alwyn Walker @ Westland Studios
Mastering – Darrell Walker @ MSB Mastering

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Best Rock And Roll Of 1960s – Greatest Oldies Rock’N’Roll Of All Time

Best Rock And Roll Of 1960s – Greatest Oldies Rock’N’Roll Of All Time
Best Rock And Roll Of 1960s – Greatest Oldies Rock’N’Roll Of All Time
Best Rock And Roll Of 1960s – Greatest Oldies Rock’N’Roll Of All Time
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The Best Of Rock’n’Roll ” Clássicos do Rock ” II

01-Reinghold- International
02-Kim Wilde-Bitter is Better
03-Dee Dee Jackson – SOS
04-Anarchic System-Generation
05-The Cars-Shake It Up
06-Jason and the Scorches-If Money Talks
07-GombayDance Band-Eldorado
08-Eddy Money-Think im in Love
09-Peter Schilling-Chill of the night
10-Jhon Cougar Mellencamp-Rock in the USA
11-Dean Ray-In La La
12-The Glitter Band-Just for you
13-The Inmates-Back in story
15-Joan Jett-Wooly Bully
16-Kim Wilde-Young Heroes
17-Kralle Krawinkel-Im Lauf der natch
18-Sparks-Cool Places
19-Suzi Quatro-I’ve Never Been in love
20-TRIO-Drei Mann im Doppelbett
21-Los Bravos-Black is Black
22-Ultravox-Passing Strangers
23-The Outfield-Your Love
24-The Cars-Tonight she comes
25-Ivan Catango-Prendi la chitarra e vai
26-Dicastro-Coração de Metal
27-The Manny Charlton Band-Doom
29-Shakin Stevens-Oh Julie
30-Geordie-Can You Do It
31-Gary Glitter-Rock On,Rock In
32-Alice Cooper-I Like Girls
33-Billy Rankin-Rip It Up
34-Spider Murphy Gang-Schickeria
35-Kid Vinyl-Anjo da Guarda
37-Triunvirat-Party Life
38-The Inmates-Syster Jekyl and Hyde
39-Eddie and the Hot Rods-Teenage depresion
40-Madein Brazil-Eu quero mesmo é tocar
41-A Flock of Seagulls-I Rain
42-April Wine-Sheila
43-Spider Murphy Gang-Herzkasperl
44-Dr Feelgood-She Does It Right
45-Hello-New York Groove
46-Nazareth-Shake Those Shakes
47-TRIO-Drei Wieb Birken
48-Greg Kihm Band-The Break Up song
49-Kim Wild-Water on glass
50-Kralle Krawinkel-Im Lauf der natch
51-Hello-Hi Ho Silver Lining
53-Dr Feelgood-Crazy’ bout girls
54-The Manny Charlton Band-Family

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10 Great Rock n Roll Bass Lines

10 bass lines that I think are particularly cool. If you don’t agree, fair enough.

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Top 10 Driving Songs-Classic Rock

Here are my top 10 classic rock driving songs. I have used songs that are perhaps not as popular as others, but are special none the less. enjoy.

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Classics

♫ ♪ The Classics of Rock and Roll. Biggest Hits of the 50s and 60s ♫♪

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