Pink Floyd – Louder Than Words – Official Music Video

‘Louder Than Words’ is from Pink Floyd’s last album ‘The Endless River’.

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ROY ORBISON “Crying” w/ K.D. LANG – 1988 Top of the Pops

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TOP of the POPS:

This clip is another exciting discovery from the crates here at TheMotionDevotion, i.e., dusty boxes of Betamax videotapes that were recorded from TV in the 1980s. The vivacious lady announcing the tune is Nia Peeples.

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#Ultimate 3Rock Music Videos – ROY ORBISON “Crying” w/ K.D. LANG – 1988 Top of the Pops #RockMusic #Videos #Music

Ricky don´t lose that number – Steely Dan – Fausto Ramos

Another hit from a great composer, Steely Dan, “Ricky don´t lose that number”, it´s one of those songs that is not a rock song but still rocks tha moment, this is my version.
Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Plus


#Ultimate 3Rock Music Videos – Ricky don´t lose that number – Steely Dan – Fausto Ramos #RockMusic #Videos #Music

Little Richard ~ Live ~ Ready Teddy ~ 1966

Richard Wayne Penniman (Little Richard), performing Ready Teddy before a live audience in France. 1966.


#Ultimate 3Rock Music Videos – Little Richard ~ Live ~ Ready Teddy ~ 1966 #RockMusic #Videos #Music

David Bowie- Blackstar (Full album)

Blackstar, 8 de enero del 2016.

Crítica del álbum, en mi blog:


#Ultimate 3Rock Music Videos – David Bowie- Blackstar (Full album) #RockMusic #Videos #Music

Yardbirds 1965/66 Having A Rave Up [Full Album]

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I do not own the copyright to this recording so if it needs to be removed, I will remove it.

You’re a Better Man Than I-00:00 (Mike Hugg, Brian Hugg)
Evil Hearted You-03:19 (Graham Gouldman)
I’m a Man -05:45 (Ellas McDaniel aka Bo Diddley)
Still I’m Sad-08:24 (Paul Samwell-Smith, Jim McCarty)
Heart Full of Soul-11:24 (Gouldman)
The Train Kept A-Rollin-13:53 (Tiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay, Lois Mann)
Smokestack Lightning-17:20 (Chester Burnett aka Howlin’ Wolf)
Respectable -23:01 (O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley)
I’m a Man-28:37 (Ellas McDaniel aka Bo Diddley)
Here ‘Tis-33:09 (Ellas McDaniel aka Bo Diddley)

Shapes of Things-38:20 (Paul Samwell-Smith, Keith Relf, Jim McCarty)
New York City Blues-40:47 (Relf, Chris Dreja)
Jeff’s Blues -45:07(The Nazz Are Blue” demo) (Jeff Beck)
Someone to Love-48:12 (Lost Woman demo, Part 1, Take 15) (Beck, Relf, Samwell-Smith, Dreja, McCarty)
Someone to Love-50:37 (Lost Woman demo, Part 2) (Beck, Relf, Samwell-Smith, Dreja, McCarty)
Like Jimmy Reed Again-54:56 (demo) (Beck, Relf, Samwell-Smith, Dreja, McCarty)
Chris’ Number-58:01 (demo) (Beck, Relf, Samwell-Smith, Dreja, McCarty)
What Do You Want-1:05:27 (demo, Take 4) (Beck, Relf, Samwell-Smith, Dreja, McCarty)
Here ‘Tis (demo)-1:08:39 Ellas McDaniel aka Bo Diddley
Here ‘Tis-1:12:30 (aka “For RSG”, track for Ready Steady Go! TV broadcast) (Diddley)
Stroll On-1:16:36 (Relf, Beck, Jimmy Page, Dreja, McCarty) Keith Relf — vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar Jeff Beck — lead guitar (Side 1 and all reissue bonus tracks) Eric Clapton — lead guitar (Side 2) Chris Dreja — rhythm guitar Paul Samwell-Smith — bass, backing vocals, musical director Jim McCarty — drums, backing vocals Giorgio Gomelsky — producer, lower range backing vocal on “Still I’m Sad” Ron Prentice – bass on “Heart Full of Soul”


#Ultimate 3Rock Music Videos – Yardbirds 1965/66 Having A Rave Up [Full Album] #RockMusic #Videos #Music

Buzzcock’s Lessons in Life 3

Buzzcock’s gives his lessons in life and adds a few of his own tips on how to be a gangster.

Keep up wif ya faverit Norf East Radgies @IAmBuzzcocks & @IAmTrekka


#Ultimate 3Rock Music Videos – Buzzcock’s Lessons in Life 3 #RockMusic #Videos #Music