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Perspective is not something one usually finds in young pop stars. But that’s one of the more refreshing and endearing aspects of the personality that is artist Skylar Renee. Indeed, certainly talent is there as well, in abundance as a matter of fact. Her debut single “Good As Gone” is a catchy pop nugget that tugs at the ear in the way many of the classic California created and inspired tunes of yesteryear, but with a sheen and bounce of the best of today’s finest pop. A little defiant, and definitely showing a self confidence, poise, and yes, perspective that is lacking in many of today’s star and fame-obsessed youth. Only nineteen years old, Skylar Renee was raised in the relaxing and laid-back environs of Malibu, California. Music has always been a companion, having studied voice with recording industry legend Ron Anderson since a young age. Through Anderson, Skylar hooked up with Eric Jackson and Storm and musical magic ensued. “Good As Gone” is the first of their collaboration to be released, but there are already more little sonic gems just waiting in the wings. While music and songwriting is her love and passion, and with “Good As Gone” already attracting the attention of industry watchers, it would be easy to assume that Skylar Renee would be packing her bags and hitting the road, or at least showing up on reality TV or tabloid websites. But as a full time pre-Med student at the University of Southern California, she’s a little busy. So as you can see, we’re back to that perspective thing. Skylar is a committed artist and songwriter, but also a committed and career – minded college student. She’s that rare young artist who is making passionate and empowering music for herself, and for all the right reasons. Perspective indeed. “Good As Gone” can be found on Apple iTunes, Amazon, and all digital platforms.

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Sky Renee Performs at The Troubadour

Sky Renee Performs at The Troubadour

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